That time of year again.....

Well its been quite a while since anything has
been posted here...

...But now 'that time' of year is hear again.
Of course 'that time' is time to dig out the
old xmas lights & start putting 'em up!
Which is just what i did today...but only got
10 sets (800 bulbs) up...still a good start tho.

Anyone else start?

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Put up 11 more trees today .... for a total of 28 (sure some are only
1.5 feet tall but i still coun't 'em)

8 of todays little trees will be connected to an old 486 computer that
will control the lights on them!!
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Boooomm Shake Shake Shake The Room!!!

Here's a Christmas album for those of you who don't have small wimpy speakers.
Really, don't even bother if you're gonna play it on ANY computer speakers -
even if they come with one of those cute little so-called subwoofers.. The same
goes for Boom boxs, All in one/Shelf stereos, and those "Home theater in a box"
things... none of these type of systems will even begin to due this album

If however you have a home stereo with at least 10-inch woofers & 50-watts/channel
you should get the effect...even better if you have a 12+ inch sub!
(i'd love to get the chance to try this in one of those cars you can hear boom'in from
a block away!)

The music in this album is nothing special, except for one thing, it puts out serious
bass and some real low frequencies too...feel it in the floor, rattle the doors But be
careful not shake the decorations off the tree! (or blow your speakers!)

Album Title:

Have A Very Bass Christmas


01. System ll - Jingle Bass
02. DJ Laz - Frosty The Snowman
03. Bass Unlimited - Little Drummer Boy
04. Beat Dominator & Bass Automator - Rudolph Medley
05. Mr. Bassman - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
06. Beat Dominator - Winter Wonderland
07. System ll - White Christmas
08. Bass Addiction - Joy To The World
09. The Big Classic - Jingle Bass Rock
10. Shah Crime - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful
11. Beat Dominator & The Overkill Kid - Deck The Halls/We Three Kings
12. Beat Dominator - Silver Bells/Carol Of The Bells
13. Mr. Bassman - Sleigh Ride
14. System ll - Silent Night
15. The Big Classic - Auld Lange Syne

get this...
and have a verry merry Bassmass this year!


More Trees

I've done 3 more trees in the past few days. now that makes 14 total!
(size ranges from 2' to 6') and all are lit using LED lights...

I'm not done decorating yet either!

For anyone who reads this: how many Xmas Trees do you put up?
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Great Xmas Album!

Not only do I love Xmas Lights, but also Xmas Music too
(of course you need to flash those lights to the music as well)

Here's a great Xmas album for anyone who likes dance/club style music
Get this one & crank it up!!

Album Title:
Absolute Christmas Hitmania

01 Shirley Clamp - Do They Know It's
02 DJ Allstars (Featuring Naz) - Last Christmas
03 X Ray - Tänd Ett Ljus
04 Robert Z (Featuring Amanda) - Happy Christmas
05 Myztik Vibes Inc - White Christmas
06 Strongberg & Co - Mer Jul
07 Cyber Plums vs Hilma - Jingle Bells
08 Richie M (Featuring Rose) - Mary's Boy Child
09 Nite Anchor - Oh Holy Night
10 Digital Beach (Featuring Sandra O) - It Must Have Been Love
11 Mr Fred - Feliz Navidad
12 Dynamo & Jp (Featuring Felicia) - In Excelsius Deo
13 King & Queen (Featuring Gemini) - It May Be Winter Outside
14 Double Bee - All I Want For Christmas
15 Ha2f & Sharpshooter (Featuring Sonya) - December 63
16 Richie M (Featuring Neveda) - Christmas Time
17 Kitchen Grinders (Featuring Thinkleb) - Silent Hight
18 Uberhappy - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
19 C & J (Featuring Sandra) - Auld Lang Syne
20 Miss Pingle - Happy New Year

Final Notes:
* The title of this album is very suiting! this is damn good music
* Tracks 03 'Tänd Ett Ljus' & 06 'Mer Jul' are not in english (still have a good beat tho)
* Track 13 'It May Be Winter Outside' may be offensive to some as it is a 'gay' song (who cares...its an awesome song)
* don't blow your speakers while cranking this cd :)


Hello & welcome to the Christmas Lights community!

A place for anyone who enjoys decorating with light during the holidays

This is still very much under construction, its going to take a week or so for me to get everything put together here... please check back later
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